ABA Therapy in Tulsa

ABA Therapy in Tulsa

Social skills

ABA Therapy in Norman

ABA Therapy in Norman

Language Development

ABA Therapy in Bartlesville

ABA Therapy in Bartlesville

Applied Behavior Analysis is fun and effective!

CLASS Oklahoma

CLASS Oklahoma


ABA Therapy

ABA Therapy

Classroom Readiness

Equipping children to live fulfilling lives 


All people should be treated with kindness, and their dignity protected. The clients, family and staff who are part of CLASS are treated with respect 


Family, other service providers, and the client themselves are all part of a treatment team. Empathy allows us to make better decisions and reach the right goals



We take seriously the responsibility that has been entrusted to us. An unwavering commitment to the progress and personal growth of our clients is what sets us apart

Honesty and commitment are part of our culture of compliance with ethics and regulations. You can know that you will be treated fairly and can focus on what matters

Welcome to CLASS Oklahoma

At CLASS, we believe that evidenced-based and scientific care should also be compassionate and child centered.  In order to maximize the potential of each and every child that we serve, we never take a “one size fits all approach”.  We start with an in depth assessment to get to know your child better, then we integrate families and educators into a comprehensive plan to target specific skills and goals.  An important part of ABA is data, and we are committed to including parents in making treatment decisions to support their child with autism.

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