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Insights in Autism

Insights in Autism

The mission of ACES and CLASS is to provide high quality, evidence based care while respecting individual autonomy and dignity. We believe that to provide high quality care, we must collaborate and learn from other leaders in our community. Check out these interviews to learn more about school advocacy, autism research, and more.

Special Education and Advocacy 

CLASS Oklahoma founder Matthew Williams sits down with Sherilyn Walton, who serves as the Family Support Coordinator for TARC. Sherilyn is widely seen as an expert in special education advocacy in the Tulsa area and shares her insights in this three part part video interview.

Autism and Child Psychiatry 

CLASS Oklahoma founder Matthew Williams sits down with Dr. Tara Buck, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist with The University of Oklahoma, to talk about medication, psychiatric evaluations, and other resources available to families. Dr. Buck's professional interests include psychiatric management of autism spectrum disorder and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

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