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Have questions about CLASS Oklahoma?  Send us a message and we will get back to you!

For all inquiries, please call our main reception between 8.00am-4:00pm: 833-OKCLASS (833-652-5277)

Thanks! Talk to you soon


Fax:  918-561-6764


7306 S Yale Ave.

Tulsa, OK 74136

Fax: 918-561-6764

Tel: 918-289-0171

Tulsa was the original location of CLASS Oklahoma, and our insurance and billing team is still based there.  We have a large 5,000 square foot clinic with a variety of programs including classroom readiness, early intervention, and social skills groups.  The Tulsa location also features:

- A community based program providing home, school, and community based services so kids can learn skills where they matter most!

- CLASS Tulsa consults in many schools across the state of Oklahoma providing behavior assessments, staff training, and more.

- CLASS Tulsa partners with local pediatricians, speech therapists, and other therapy providers to ensure that your child's therapy is comprehensive and effective.


Fax: 918-561-6764

Tel: 918-280-0090

Services are currently being offered in-home and in the community in Bartlesville and the surrounding area.  CLASS Oklahoma is the only provider in Bartlesville with a local team supervisor, and we work collaboratively with other disciplines to bring about superior results for the families that we serve there.  CLASS also trains teachers in the area and works alongside schools to provide comprehensive care for our clients. 


7810 East 108th Street
Tulsa, OK 74133


Fax: 918-561-6764

Tel: 918-280-0090

Our newest clinic in Bixby features state of the art learning areas for children with autism up to age nine. Social skills, classroom readiness, and language development are a theme throughout the entire office. Natural light, creative play, and child-led learning make this a fun office environment and we encourage parents and other therapy providers to come by for a tour to learn more about what makes our clinic the most sought after autism therapy resource in the state. 


1018 24th Ave. NW, Suite 110

Norman, OK 73069

Fax: 918-561-6764

Tel: 405-310-5306

The Norman center was opened in the spring of 2018.  Our Norman ABA team collaborates with many primary care physicians, Speech Language Pathologists (SLP's) and Occupational Therapists (OT's) in the area.  School consultation services are also provided from CLASS Norman.  CLASS was founded in Oklahoma, and our team is uniquely qualified to provide your child with the most comprehensive care available.  The CLASS Norman team has specialized training in child led learning, and sessions feel natural and fun.

Oklahoma City

Fax: 918-561-6764

Tel: 918-280-0090

Services are currently being offered in home, school and in the community in OKC and the surrounding area. Services are provided to individuals with autism struggling with behavioral concerns, adaptive living/social skills, and language.  Parent training on ABA therapy is also provided, as well as school consultation and teacher training. 


9500 N 129th E Ave Suite 114

Owasso, OK 74055

Fax: 918-561-6764

Tel: 918-280-0090

Our beautiful, new Owasso clinic was especially designed to serve both children and youth. Social skills programming is at the forefront and teens will enjoy the spaces that are set up especially for them. 

Autism Therapy
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ABA therpy in Norman
ABA Therapy in Bartlesville
ABA Theapy in Tulsa
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